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Coconut special

Menu: Something about coconut – also called nariyal is nothing short of a wonder food! It’s a treasure trove of nutrients and all these are essential for the human body. The coconut tree is described as a giver of all health, energy, strength, tranquility, longevity and peace. Try making a full coconut meal with these easy recipes like a simple Rose Coconut Cooler as a beverage, then Banana Coconut Fritters as starters and end with a coconuty Simple Prawn Curry.


Shopping list
1 bottle rose syrup
1 cup tender coconut water
100 grams tender coconut flesh
1 bottle drinking soda
18-20 prawns
1 small packet coconut milk
100 grams powdered sugar
1 small bottle cinnamon powder

For faster preparation
Rim salt to individual glasses and refrigerate. Peel and devein the prawns. Coarsely grind onions, cinnamon, cloves, garlic and tomatoes for the curry. Peel and cut bananas into long strips. Make the batter ready for the fritters.

How to go about it
Muddle mint leaves, lemon cubes and a little coconut water. Add rose syrup and remaining coconut water, cover and shake well. Pour in the prepared glasses and serve. Heat oil in a pan and sauté the cumin seeds, curry leaves, masalas and ground paste. Add the prawns and coconut milk and cook till the prawns are done well. Dip the banana strips into the batter and deep-fry till golden. Serve hot garnished with icing sugar and cocoa powder.

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