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Cocktail snacks

Menu: Planning dishes for a cocktail party can really be tiresome sometimes when you know that you have to keep simple yet tasty and gorgeous looking dishes that catches the eye of your guests. Adding a touch innovativeness always helps in recreating the magic with the same old recipes, or sometimes there are the good old popular recipes. So try these – Palak ki Shaami, Paprika and Parmesan Roasted Potato Wedges and Onion Rings.

Shopping list

2 bunches spinach

200 grams semolina (rawa)

A small bottle mace powder

A small bottle cardamom powder

1 bottle chhunda

1 bottle red chilli flakes

1 bottle parmesan cheese powder

1 bottle dried mixed herbs

1 bottle olive oil

50 grams parsley

1 bottle of black pepper powder

1 small packet of baking powder

250 grams refined flour

For faster preparation

Blanch and puree spinach. Chop the vegetables for shammi. Parboil potatoes and cut into wedges with skin. Finely chop garlic and parsley. Cut onion into rings.

How to go about it

Shape the spinach mixture into tikkis and set aside. Put the potato wedges for baking and finish. Finish the tikkis. Deep-fry onion rings. 

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