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A wow summer meal!

Menu: Yummy starter Mushroom Melba with creamy Sweetcorn Baked Veg and an eye opening Chocolate Coated Mango. 

Shopping list: 

1 packet button mushrooms

1 French loaf

1 pack cream

150 gm cheese

1 tin sweet corn 

1 red capsicum

1 green capsicum 

1 bottle olive oil

1 small bread loaf

1 bottle tomato ketchup

2 large ripe mangoes

200 gm dark chocolate

For faster preparation: 

Chop and cook vegetables for baked vegetables. Prepare white sauce and refrigerate. Melt chocolate and prepare coated mango. Refrigerate till needed. 

How to go about it:

Assemble the baked dish and place in oven. Meanwhile prepare the toasts. Serve both together. Finish off with the fantastic dessert. 

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