Baked Mango Cheese Cake Recipe - Creamy mango baked cheese cake topped with jelly and served chilled.

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Main Ingredients : Mango pulp(मैंगो पल्प), Mango(आम)

Cuisine : Continental

Course : Desserts

Baked Mango Cheese Cake

This term Continental cuisine refers to the food eaten in the European countries. Under the mantle of Continental food come the British, American, Italian, New Zealand, Armenian, Hungarian, Russian and many other European cuisines.
Continental cuisines use less chilllies and very little spices. Instead fresh herbs and dairy products form an important part of continental dishes.  The cooking methods are mostly stewing, grilling and roasting which make the food low in calories as they use very less fat. Continental food use mostly items high in proteins like milk, cheese, eggs and meats.

Baked Mango Cheese Cake Recipe - How to make Baked Mango Cheese Cake


Prep Time : 16-20 minutes

Cook time : 51-60 minutes

Serve : 4

Level Of Cooking : Medium


  • Mango pulp 1/2 cup

  • Mango ½ centimeter cubes1/2 cup

  • Digestive biscuits 125 grams

  • Unsalted butter melted50 grams

  • Eggs 3

  • Castor sugar (caster sugar) 80 grams

  • Cream cheese 250 grams

  • Mango jelly crystals 2 tablespoons


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Step 2

Take crushed biscuits in a bowl. Add melted butter and mix. Take a spring bottom tin and line the bottom with this mixture.

Step 3

Press lightly and keep the tin in the refrigerator to chill. Break eggs into a bowl. Add sugar and whisk with a hand blender till frothy.

Step 4

Take cream cheese in another bowl. Add mango pulp and mix with a hand blender. Add eggs and mix. Pour this mixture over the biscuit base in the spring bottom tin.

Step 5

Spread mango cubes over it Keep the tin in the preheated oven and bake for about forty minutes or till well set.

Step 6

Take it out of the oven and let it cool. Keep it in the refrigerator to chill.

Step 7

Heat half cup water in another pan, add mango jelly crystals and cook till well dissolved. Cool to room temperature. Pour it over the chilled cheesecake and keep it in the refrigerator to chill again.

Step 8

Serve chilled.

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