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Ghari  Recipe

Round dosas of whole wheat flour, semolina, egg and sugar batter and shallow fried.

This recipe is contributed by Member rahat mulla.

Preparation Time : 6-10 minutes

Cooking time : 11-15 minutes

Servings : 4


Main Ingredients

Egg, Sugar





Level Of Cooking


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  • Egg
    1 cup
  • Sugar
    1 cup
  • Semolina (rawa/suji)
    1 cup
  • Wheat flour
    1 cup
  • Green cardamom powder
    to taste
  • Salt
    to taste
  • Baking powder
    a pinch
  • Oil
    for shallow frying


Step 1

Break the egg in a bowl and beat well. Add sugar and beat well.Add semolina, wheat flour, green cardamom powder, salt and baking powder. Mix well using a little water to get a batter of dropping consistency.

Step 2

Heat sufficient oil in a non-stick pan. Pour a spoonfull of the batter and spread it in a round shape. Shallow fry till both sides are brown. Serve hot.

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