Caramel Pudding Recipe - Delicious custard coated with crunchy caramel.

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Main Ingredients : Milk, Eggs

Cuisine : French

Course : Desserts

Caramel Pudding

Caramel Pudding Recipe - how to make Caramel Pudding


Prep Time : 11-15 minutes

Cook time : 31-40 minutes

Serve : 4

Level Of Cooking : Easy


  • Milk 2 1/2 cups

  • Eggs 4

  • Sugar 3/4 cups

  • Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon


Step 1

Take quarter cup of sugar in a thick-bottomed pan.

Step 2

Add a few drops of water and heat till the sugar caramelizes.

Step 3

Pour the caramel into a mould and let it settle by cooling.

Step 4

Heat milk either in a microwave oven or on gas flame.

Step 5

Place a metallic ring in the pressure cooker. Add four cups of water and heat Break eggs into a bowl.

Step 6

Add half cup of sugar, vanilla essence and mix gently with a whisk.

Step 7

Add warm milk and mix. Strain the mixture.

Step 8

Pour the egg-milk mixture into the mould with the caramel.

Step 9

Cover with aluminium foil and place it in the cooker.

Step 10

Cover with lid and steam for twenty-five to thirty minutes. -

Step 11

Do not use the whistle.

Step 12

Remove when done

Step 13

Serve, turned out with caramel side up, either hot or cold.

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