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Taking care of non-stick pans

1. Never use a stainless steel spoon while cooking in non-stick pans. Plastic and wooden spoons are best for non-stick pans.

2. Do not wash the non-stick pans as soon as they are used. Allow them to come to room temperature and then wash with a mild soap solution with room temperature water.

3. Use a nonmetallic scrubber to clean the pans.

4. If the pans are not going to be used for a longer period of time, cover with a newspaper and stack.

5. Never stack the non-stick pans one above the other.

6. Make sure that the pans are not too hot while cooking.

7. Do not use any acidic medium while cleaning.

8. Do not use any sharp objects like knife or fork in the non-stick pans.

9. Do not put the non-stick pans directly in the oven. The high temperatures may weather the coating.

10. Prepared food should never be stored in a non-stick pan. Remove the food immediately and clean it.