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Pasta pleasures for a leisurely weekend

Menu: A delicious Pesto Vegetable Pasta and Chilli Risotto followed by Peach and White Chocolate Cake.

Shopping list: 

100 grams French beans

100 grams shallots

100 grams corn kernels

100 grams garlic

100 grams white chocolate

100 ml cream 

50 grams pinenuts 

20 grams fresh basil leaves

3 fresh red chillies

3 eggs

1 packet fettucine pasta

1 small bottle olive oil

1 medium red capsicum

1 small pack parmesan cheese

1 bottle extra virgin olive oil

1 packet Arborio rice 

1 French bread loaf

1 packet button mushrooms

1 chicken breast

1 pack red chilli flakes

1 bottle white wine

1 tin peaches

For faster preparation

Prepare pesto and store. Chop beans. Prepare cake and store.

How to go about it 

Start the risotto and while it is cooking, cook the pasta and assemble it. Serve the pasta and risotto as main course and warm cake and serve drizzled with sugar syrup.