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Only Pasta

Menu: Not just Italian in nature these days, pastas are loved by one and all at every corner of the world. When we talk about Indian dishes, pasta sees its use in a very unique and different way in the Indian context as well. Dishing up an entire meal is pretty simple and easy. So go ahead with a Pasta Soup with next in line the Warm Farfalle Salad and end up with a bowl full of Walnut Pesto Pasta. 

Shopping list

1 packet macaroni pasta

200 grams kidney beans

1 bunch spring onions

1 packet babycorns

1 packet tomato puree

1 bottle Tabasco sauce

1 bottle dried thyme

100 grams fresh basil leaves

1 packet farfalle

100 grams American corn kernels

100 grams baby tomatoes

1 bottle green olives

1 small broccoli

1 bottle balsamic vinegar

100 grams walnuts

1 packet penne pasta

1 bottle olive oil

1 bottle Parmesan cheese

1 small packet fresh cream

For faster preparation

Boil the penne and farfalle pasta. Cut the vegetables for the salad and soup and also prepare the stock for the soup. Grind the pesto for the salad to get ready for the pesto pasta.

How to go about it

Sauté all the vegetables for the soup, add the stock and pasta and let it cook. Toss the penne into the pesto sauce and finish it. Toss the vegetables for the salad and serve the meal. 

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