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Is your kitchen clean enough?

Is your kitchen clean enough?

Kitchen, as we all know, is the heart of any house. It is essential to keep this space absolutely spick and span. Hygiene in the kitchen is the basis of any food preparation.Would you eat food that is born out of a dirty kitchen? Prevent food borne illnesses by keeping your kitchen clean and as hygienic as possible. It’s not difficult.

Tips to maintain hygiene in kitchen

Always wash your hands with a disinfectant hand wash and dry them before handling food and while cooking. 
Dry your hands with clean towels, paper disposable or under an air dryer. Always have a dry towel in your kitchen as the wet ones are likely to attract germs and bacteria. 
Always wipe the kitchen platform and the stove thoroughly before using it in the morning so that any germs or bacteria that might have collected over them during the night are cleaned off.
After using kitchen sponge, rinse it in warm water, squeeze it and pour a little white vinegar to thoroughly remove collection of debris. 
Putting on an apron while cooking keeps your clothes clean. Always keep your head covered while working in the kitchen so that your hair does not fall into the food that you are cooking.  
Keep the chopping boards scrupulously clean and prevent them from becoming smelly by washing regularly in a weak bleaching solution.  Dirty chopping boards can turn into a breeding ground of harmful bacteria.
Ants and flies are a big nuisance especially post monsoon. If you find a trail of ants in your kitchen rub a cut lemon over it or wipe the trail area with a dishcloth dipped in hot and soapy water. 
If you have cuts on your hands cover them with waterproof bandage since they can easily become infected  if they come in constant contact with water.
In your kitchen, always line the garbage bin with a garbage bag. This will not only make it easier to remove the garbage, the bin will only need a light rinse each time it is emptied.  

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