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I know what you had for dinner…

I know what you had for dinner…

Don’t we all love it when we are welcomed home with the aroma of biryani or a delicious chocolate cake? But what happens when you wake up the next morning and the whiff off your 1st cup of coffee for the day is kind of ruined because your kitchen still smells like yesterday’s dinner?! Surely, there are other ways to keep people guessing what’s for dinner! Think fresh. Think ventilation.

Keep it out

While we make sure the rest of our house is well ventilated, we often tend to overlook the kitchen. The purpose of a kitchen ventilation system is to completely remove the cooking contaminants of heat, steam, grease, smoke, odours and hazardous gases, before they have a chance to mix with the air in the rest of the house. The various cooking processes, which are carried out in the kitchen invariably, produce condensation which settles on surfaces and eventually becomes like sticky grease. This grease also tends to settle into draperies, furniture and carpeting, creating a permanent odour in your home. Although modern semi porous surfaces cut this down considerably, something more is still needed. 

Air it

While windows in the kitchen are absolutely important they are not enough to keep the air in your kitchen fresh! An exhaust fan is useful as well, as they do create some amount of air circulation. However these are set up near the window, which usually tends to be away from the gas range where all the cooking happens; ultimately defeating the purpose of an exhaust fan. Ideally it must be located right above the gas or the cooking range to allow the cooking fumes and odours to exit. 

The best option is to install electric chimneys for a more efficient system of clearing kitchen fumes as these are fitted just two feet above the gas range. It sucks up fumes straight from the source and throws them out via a pipe outlet. The newest systems do more than remove smoke and steam. Many have sensors that will switch on the fan automatically when they detect heat rising from the cooking surface. With a wide variety of electric chimneys available in the market, you can easily find one that’s customized to your needs and price range!

So install one of these and throw away the woes of a stuffy and uncomfortable kitchen, right through the window, quite literally! 

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