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Have a no cooking weekend!

Menu: A lightly grilled Junglee Chicken Sandwich accompanied with a cool Paneer and Corn Salad. Finish off with a spectacular Yogurt Cocktail.

Shopping list: 

400 grams yogurt

200 grams chicken

200 grams cottage cheese

200 grams sweet corn kernels

200 ml fresh cream

100 grams carrots

1 loaf brown bread 

1 bottle mayonnaise 

1 medium green capsicum 

1 bottle pickled gherkins

1 bottle pickled onions

1 bottle black olives, stoned 

1 head iceberg lettuce

1 bottle chilli-vinegar sauce

1 large plum 

1 box strawberries (if available)

1 medium pineapple

1 box honey cornflakes

1 box choco cornflakes

1 box strawberry cornflakes

For faster preparation:

Boil chicken for the sandwich filling and refrigerate till needed. Boil the corn for the salad and refrigerate. Hang the yogurt to drain the excess whey. Prepare the dessert cream using it and refrigerate. 

How to go about it:

Make the salad dressing. Chop the fruits and refrigerate. Assemble the sandwiches. While they are grilled, complete the salad. After serving the salad and sandwich, heat the fruits as suggested in the recipe and serve topped with yogurt and cornflakes.

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