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Fruity masti

Menu: Fruits are not only healthy but fun too. There are a lot of things that you can dish out using fruits of your choice. From beverages, snacks and starters to maincourse and then desserts – fruits are something that give you a wide variety of options. Here, try out some easy to make recipes like Apple Fantasy, Orange Berry Cordial and Chocolate Fruit Martini.

Shopping list

1 apple

100 grams butter

100 grams brown sugar

1 pineapple-orange juice

1 cranberry juice

1 bunch mint leaves

1 bottle lime cordial

1 orange

500 grams dark chocolate 

2-3 assorted fruits

400 ml fresh cream

1 dark sponge

1 packet chocolate chip biscuits

For faster preparation

Preheat oven at 180°C. Combine butter, flour and sugar. Combine sugar, butter and refined flour and mix to make a crumble. Arrange the apple slices in baking dish and keep aside. Chop mint leaves for the cordial. Make cream and icing sugar mixture ready. Divide it into two portions, in one portion mix the sponge crumble. 

How to go about it

Keep baking dish in oven and bake till it gets golden colour on top. Assemble the stemmed glasses for the cordial, pour the mixture into the glass and serve. Assemble the martini and serve chilled. 

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