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Finger Foods

Menu: Planning a grand party at home? You must be planning a menu that will please your guests. Try these dainty and delicious finger foods that will go well with the drinks, cocktails and mocktails and please one and all. Try a combination of Paneer and Peanut Fingers, for the non-vegetarians Sesame Prawns Toast and something really yummy with Stuffed Mushrooms.

Shopping list

250 grams American corn kernels
1 bottle white pepper powder
50 grams black salt
250 grams cottage cheese
50 grams fenugreek seeds
50 grams onion seeds
1 bunch fresh mint
100 grams white sesame seeds
250 grams prawns
1 packet white bread
1 bottle mustard powder 

For faster preparation
Prepare the mushrooms mixture. Cut the bread slices into roundels and shell and devein the prawns. Prepare the prawn mixture. Make the marinade ready for the fingers and string the paneer in the satay sticks.

How to go about it
Deep-fry the mushrooms and drain. Spread prawn mixture on bread roundels, cover with sesame seeds and deep-fry. Finish with the paneer fingers by deep-frying them. 

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