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Desi food videsi style

Menu: What’s the best thing in food that a true-blue Indian can ever dream of – having their favourite desi khana with a twist of the west. Be it the taste, ingredients, presentation or anything – adding a videsi twist to Indian food is the trend today! So, try these very Indian recipes with a touch of foreign elements – a very tangy Kiwi Panna, Paneer Snacker and Chocolate Chip and Jaggery Pancakes.

Shopping list

6 kiwis

1 bunch mint leaves

150 grams cottage cheese

1 bottle olive oil

1 bottle pizza sauce

1 packet salted biscuit

1 yellow bell pepper

50 grams chocolate chips

50 grams jaggery

1 bottle cinnamon powder

1 bottle cocoa powder

½ litre vanilla ice cream

1 bottle chocolate sauce

For faster preparation

Roast and peel the kiwis. Cut the capsicum into thin strips and apply pizza sauce on cottage cheese and grill till light golden on both the sides. Make the batter ready for the pancakes by mixing all the ingredients.

How to go about it

Blend all the ingredients for panna in a blender and pour them into the glasses and serve chilled. Arrange the grilled cottage cheese on top of the biscuits and garnish with capsicum and serve. Heat oil in a pan and make the pancakes ready. Serve hot with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on top of it.

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