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Comfort foods and more

Menu: A sensational pulao called Achari Aloo ki Tahiri with Nimbu Dhania Murgh and roti finished with a Self Saucing Chocolate and Coffee Pudding. 

Shopping list

750 gms chicken with bone

350 gms baby potatoes

225 gms refined flour

75 gms dark chocolate

50 gms butter

3 lemons

1 bottle mixed vegetable pickle

1 small packet coriander seeds

1 bunch fresh coriander 

1 packet instant coffee powder

1 packet baking powder

1 packet cocoa powder

1 tin sugar free natura 

1 egg

For faster preparation

Wash and wipe dry baby potatoes. Clean and trim coriander leaves keeping the tender roots aside for use. Wash well and wipe dry. Roast coriander leaves and cumin seeds and keep in airtight container. Grate dark chocolate and keep covered till needed.

How to go about it

Mix the pudding and immediately put it to bake in the preheated oven . Make the chicken and while is it cooking prepare the pulao. Lastly make the rotis and serve the meal. The pudding will be ready by the time you finish the meal. Serve it hot straight from the oven. 

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