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Budget cooking

Menu: Cooking in a tight budget can always be challenging specially with housewives and bachelors. Now, there’s no fear as these easy on the pocket recipes gives you the same delicious taste that you would look in for an elaborate dish. Try out Spiced Carrot Soup Shots, alongwith Baingan Canapés and Aloo and Capsicum Parantha.

Shopping list

3 carrots 

10 grams red chillies

1 bottle olive oil

1 medium brinjal

1 packet biscuits

1 packet dry mango powder

For faster preparation

Chop all the vegetables for the soup shots and sauté them till they are cooked. Blend them till smooth. In other pan make the garnish ready for the soup and keep aside. Process the vegetables for the canapés and make the mixture ready for them. Knead the dough for the parantha and sauté the mixture and keep it ready. Divide the dough and the mixture into equal portions and keep them aside.

How to go about it

Heat the soup and pour into the shots. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve. Arrange the biscuits on the platter and place the mixture on top of the biscuits and serve. Roll the dough into thick paranthas and cook till golden brown on both the sides. 

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