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Bread special

Menu: One wonder ingredient which these days no one can imagine their lives without – welcome the simple bread in its various avatars. Whether it’s a starter, a snack, a main course or a dessert – bread find its use in all these meals as important as any other ingredient would do. So try making a Bread Sev Puri, followed by some tasty and easy Bread Rolls and satisfy your sweet tooth with a Bread ka Halwa.

Shopping list
1 brown bread
100 grams American corn kernels
1 bottle red chilli-garlic chutney
1 bottle sweet date chutney
1 bottle green chutney
1 raw mango
100 grams sev
2 white breads
200 grams paneer
100 grams cornflour
1 bunch mint leaves
200 grams khoya

For faster preparation
Boil, peel and mash the potatoes, cut the vegetables and make the mixture ready for the rolls. Make cornflour slurry ready. Dampen the bread in water, squeeze it properly and stuff the mixture into the bread and assemble the bread rolls. Cut the brown bread into roundels and toast them on a pan. Mix together corn and potatoes and make the mixture ready for the sev puri.

How to go about it
Heat oil in a kadai and deep-fry the bread rolls till golden brown. For the halwa, deep-fry the bread pieces and sauté the dry fruits in the same ghee. Add sugar, green cardamom, sugar, milk and khoya to it and cook till done. Assemble the sev puri by putting the corn and potato mixture and drizzling the chutney on top of it and serve. 

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