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Dakshin Delights Food specials from South India

About a decade ago people thought South Indian food is idli-sambhar and chutney with maybe a dosa or uttapam thrown in for variation. This couldn’t be more farther from the truth.  Today people know about the intricacies of South Indian cuisine and that these starts have some fabulous food to offer! We bring to you the highlights of each state - must eats if you wish to explore the cuisine from peninsular India a little more.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Biryani – Andhra cuisine is characteristically spicy and the biryani does perfect justice to it. Andhra biryani is loaded with flavour and spice, but is different from a typical Hyderabadi biryani. The distinct rice and masala layers are not separate, but in a delightful blend of perfection. Make this using your favourite meat, seafood or vegetables.

GonguraGongura is a leafy vegetable typical to Andhra Pradesh. Sorrel leaves as they are known in English are used in several ways. Right from the popular, spicy gongura chutney to a delicious chicken curry, gongura is a must-try specialty from Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Mutton Curry This curry may as well be called black pepper mutton curry but that could misguide you into believing that it is hot! It has the finest blend of spices that should go into the making of a great mutton curry. 


Mangalorean gassi – With a combination of rich and creamy coconut and a perfect blend of spicy masalas – Mangalorean curries are delicious. A thick flavourful gassi can be made with chicken, mutton, prawns and even a mix of some very interesting vegetables like raw banana or a mix of potatoes and cauliflower. Eat this with fluffy idlis, crisp dosas or a bowl of steamed rice.

Neer Dosa Move over masala dosas and appams and make way for neer dosas instead. The thin watery batter that goes into preparing this flimsy paper like, melt-in-the-mouth dosa probably gives it its name. Best paired with delicious Mangalorean gassi or spicy coconut chutney, you can give the sambhar a miss with this one!

Mysore Pak Arguably this is the best sweetmeat of Karnataka. Made with gram flour, sugar and oodles of ghee – Mysore pak can be made in two varieties. A soft one that requires no chewing at all – it just dissolves as it hits your tongue. The other variety is hard and has a porous, crumbly texture – and just as tasty as the soft one! 

Tamil Nadu

Chettinaadu Therakal – This is a trademark recipe from the treasure trove of fiery Chettinad cuisine. A south Indian version of aloo baingan, the spice masala used in Chettinadu therakal is a classic Chettinaad masala. Replace the veggies with your choice of meat for a non-vegetarian version of this recipe. Chettinad chicken curry is our favourite!

MolagapodiA dry powder made with dal and an aromatic mix of spices, you will find it everywhere in South India. More popularly known as gunpowder because of how spicy and fatakedar it is, you can use molagapodi in a number of ways. Eat with idlis or dosas or as an accompaniment with sāmbhar rice and you know what? These taste great when sprinkled as seasoning over crunchy french fries too!

Jhangiri – If you are a fan of the jalebi and you haven’t tried a jhangiri, you are definitely missing out on one of the finer pleasures of life. This chunky, glossy, flower shaped, melt in the mouth, South Indian cousin of a jalebi is quite the celebrity in a Tamil food feast! 


Kerala Mutton Stew If there is something that tastes great with the light fluffy Kerala appams, then it has got to be a wholesome hearty Kerala stew. Chunks of seared mutton or beef, cooked in a creamy coconut milk based rich stew that is loaded with vegetables; a Kerala style stew spells comfort food. You can eat this with just about anything – bread, appams, dosa, rice, chapatis, idlis, iddiappams or even have it just like that on a cold winter evening!

Malabari Porota – A Malabari parantha is not like a stuffed parantha but is more of a lachcha parantha. Perfecting the layers of this yummy Kerala porotha, as it is commonly known is not child’s play, but is definitely worth the effort. You will know what we mean when you have a bite of this crispy bread dunked in some luscious chicken curry or vegetable korma.

Pal Payasam If you are celebrating an occasion in Kerala and don’t have this delicious rice and milk kheer on the menu, you are not doing it right. Luscious and sweet this creamy kheer is further enriched with a crunch of cashewnuts and raisins fried in ghee. If you want to add a twist of taste to this fabulous recipe drizzle with your choice of fruit crush or fresh fruit puree before serving!

What we have given you is just a glimpse of the scrumptious food fare that the South of India has to offer. To experience the aromas and tastes of these delicious recipes and more you’ve got to try them out in your home kitchen. For recipes you have SanjeevKapoor.com.
We also have a book called Dakshin delights that is a Sanjeev Kapoor approved comprehensive collection of the best recipes from down south! Get your copy now! 

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