Special Valentine’s Day Recipes by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
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Sanjeev Kapoor Newsletter
February 13, 2015
A fast can become a feast only in a country like - India We put together some fabulous recipes with the few ingredients permitted during a Mahashivratri fast. Fruit and Yogurt, nuts and milk, various flours and the king of a fasting menu – sago, all put together to make some lip smacking vrat ka khana. Come take a look at the array of recipes created with select few ingredients and experience the joy of food.
Vrat Ki Kadhi
A thick kadhi made with water chestnut flour – this recipe is custom made for fasts. Add a few pieces of whole water chestnuts or peanuts for a crunch and make a complete meal out of it!
Sago potato roll
Whoever said vrat ka khaana can’t be stylish. Try these glammed up versions of the humble sabudana vada –shaped into perfect cylinders and deep fried. A simple coconut and peanut chutney is a great accompaniment to go with it!
Sabudana Laddoo
A very important ingredient in a fasting menu. Slow roasted sabudana pearls, ground and mixed with dessicated coconut and sugar shaped into laddu’s, studded with wholesome dried fruits.