Sanjeev Kapoor Winter Foods Newsletter January 16, 2015
Probably one of the most popular ingredients in Indian cuisine, paneer deserves all the praise it gets. Paneer may not be exotic cheese to us anymore, but the number and type to ways that you can use this simple ingredient is amazing. Use it to make a dessert or pair it up with savoury ingredients to create a lavish spread fit for a king. We show you some wonderful recipes using this flexible ingredient.



Paneer Steak with Red Wine Reduction
Chunks of paneer marinated in green chutney and grilled and served with a red wine reduction sauce. This is a combo made in food heaven!

Matar Paneer Burger


Matar Paneer Burger
Imagine biting into a burger to taste an all-time favourite like matarpaneer – well it is tastier than it sounds.

Paneer Kulcha


Paneer Kulcha
A flavourful mixture of crumbled paneer makes the filling of this savoury tandoori Indian bread. It tastes great with mango pickle and a cool yogurt raita.
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