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Coffee is such a beverage that has an emotional bond with people. From morning right after we wake up till midnight work calls, late-night studies and more, coffee is our one true love and buddy in good and bad times. It’s your pre-workout partner, companion with our everyday newspaper, a great friend during your work breaks, and best chum on your crazy nights!  To your surprise coffee beans are not beans, indeed they are seeds inside the coffee cherry. People consider that the Arabic word “Qahwah” is the oldest term to refer to coffee but in Arabic, it was actually referred to as a type of wine. We all might enjoy other beverages but let me tell you that coffee is one of the most consumed drinks around the world.  People love this beverage so much that they go a bit overboard at times, just like Arabs did! Did you know that they have a law where a woman can file a divorce if her husband fails to bring her a freshly brewed coffee every morning? Well, today is ‘World Coffee Day’ and we thought what better day than this to look out for some strange and unique pairings with our favourite coffee? Let’s dive into it!

1. Es Alpukat Kopi from Indonesia
We all might love avocado in dips, smoothies, salads or even in a sandwich but ever heard about avocado in coffee? All the way from Indonesia named ‘Es Alpukat Kopi’, is super famous in Bali and includes vanilla, condensed milk, avocado, espresso and is topped with ice. This actually sounds super interesting, isn’t it? 


2. Matte Black Coffee from the US
I would suggest you carry a toothbrush while having this coffee because it will surely make your teeth look like a hallway to hell. This is a unique coffee served in New York and some other parts of the USA, which is called a black latte. It gets its matte black hue with coconut ash which is a type of activated charcoal. Charcoal in coffee? Oh damn! 


3. Filter Coffee from India:
India never fails to amaze us with its diverse culture and the filter coffee from South India is just so comforting that its froth will leave a memorable aftertaste in your palate. People usually add sugar as their sweetening agent to this coffee and milk beverage but some Indians prefer adding jaggery to portray the authenticity of their culture. Some health-conscious people add jaggery too instead of sugar!


4. Egg Coffee from Sweden
Swedens have a little too much love for eggs, I guess! Scandinavians have a special thing to make their coffee interesting, along with their preferred coffee bean, milk, sugar, water, they break an egg into their cuppa. It is said that it’s one of the smoothest drinks you can enjoy and has a great aftertaste. Would you try it?

5. Yuanyang from Hong Kong
Yuanyang is another popular beverage in Hong Kong and you’ll be surprised to know that it’s a blend of coffee + tea both. With a mix of black tea leaves, sweetened condensed milk or hot milk and sugar along with a strong dose of coffee, this beverage is unique in its own way and can be served both hot and cold. Asians sip on this beverage with some cookies on the side, would you try it?

6. Mazagran from Portugal
Lemon and coffee, ever thought of this combination? Well, Portugal did! This beverage sounds odd but can give you a refreshing kickstart instantly. Take some coffee, mix it with lemon juice and sugar and top it with ice cubes, there you have yourself a glass of classic Mazagran ready!

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