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The stout sprout!

There is a perfect food known to man and that is sprouted seeds. They are so completely natural, require no processing and so easy on the pocket that their true value is not realized! Sprouted seeds are a staple diet of several oriental civilizations and are well known for their powerful nutritive and healing properties.

The power of sprouts has been well documented in ancient Chinese and Indian texts. The use of sprouts in digestive disorders, muscular cramps, hair and skin problem has been very well known. Sprouts made their debut in the western world through Captain Cook who sailed the seas for over a decade without losing a single man to the dreaded scurvy. His secret? A daily ration of malt made from sprouted beans!

Sprouts bear the largest relative amount of nutrients per unit of intake of any food known to man. They have enough first-quality proteins to be classified as ‘complete’. Sprouting increases the vitamin content of a seed dramatically. The vitamin C value of wheat increases 600% in the early sprouting period. Sprouts contain more vitamin C than oranges. More importantly, sprouts are totally chemical-free, leave no waste, are delicious when raw and are super low in calories. Sprouts, if kept for a long time, may develop an unpleasant odour. Sprouted pulses may be steamed or eaten as such and with salads or in combination with other foods. 

How to make sprouts

Pulses may be sprouted by tying the soaked pulses (soaking depends on the variety of the pulse) in a moist muslin cloth and keeping them covered with a pan to control the temperature (again sprouting depends on the variety). It generally takes twelve to fifteen hours for sprouts to grow but the time varies according to the pulse.

How to sprout green gram Wash and soak green gram for at least six to eight hours. Drain the water, wash well and put this into a muslin bag. Close the top portion and tie with a twine or rubber band. You can sprinkle water outside the bag. After twelve hours you can see the gram sprouting.

How to sprout Bengal gram Bengal gram should be washed and soaked for twelve hours. Drain the water, wash again and tie in a moist muslin cloth for two days to get sprouted.

How to sprout soya beans Soak soya beans (dry) for thirty hours. Drain the water. Wash again and tie in a thin moist muslin cloth for two days to get sprouted.

Great ways to serve sprouts

Add to tossed salads, in coleslaw, potato salad, in wraps and roll-ups. Stir fry sprouts with other vegetables. Blend into fruit shakes or vegetable juices. Mix with soft cheeses for a dip. Grind up and use in sandwich spreads. Stir into soups or stews when serving. Eat them fresh and uncooked in a sprout salad. Top omelet or scrambled eggs.  Combine in rice dishes. Sauté with onions. Puree with peas or beans. Use in sandwiches instead of lettuce. 

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