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The real Halloween haul – pumpkin seeds!

Forget about trick or treat, the best part about Halloween these days is the pumpkin seed haul that comes along with it. Like wine, these little seeds tend to get better with time and actually improve in nutritional content as they age. A steady supply of these in your kitchen cabinet is highly recommended. Check out why!

OMG x 3!

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with fat, but the good kind of fat. Omega 3 is that magical ingredient we all need to have in our body to ensure healthy functioning of the heart. It helps reduce the chances of heart attacks and balance cholesterol.

Superhero immunity

They are full of magnesium and zinc which together make very important minerals for controlling blood pressure, heart disease, blood sugar levels in the body and immunity against colds and flus. They also contribute to strengthening of bones and teeth.

Best munchiesfor diabetics

The high magnesium content in pumpkin seeds naturally balances blood sugar levels in the body – ensuring that your diabetes remains under control. With all the restrictions diabetics have on their food, this crunchy seed is the best way to take care of munchies.

Anti-cancer – Anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants that are present in pumpkin seeds help reduce cancer causing free radicals. Besides breast, lung and stomach cancer, they are particularly effective in curbing prostate, colon and post-menopausal onset of breast cancer.

Fibre seeds

Whole pumpkin seeds, without their shells removed are a brilliant source of dietary fibre. Even with the outer white skin removed, the green seeds have enough fibre to improve dietary function and bowel movement. Besides fibre also helps control unnecessary weight gain by preventing the urge to overeat.

Vegan protein

Pumpkin seeds contain around 20 grams of plant based protein per 100 grams in weight. Just munching on a handful of these delicious earthy seeds or including them as a crunchy addition to your salad and stir fry bowls can ensure you meet your daily protein requirement – even if you are vegan!

Happy hormones!

Pumpkin seeds encourage the production of ‘happy hormone’ serotonin in the body. It means just a handful of these seeds can give a 360 degree flip to your bad mood. That’s not all; eventually the serotonin gets converted to another hormone – melatonin – the hormone that is responsible for a good sleep cycle. Which means bye-bye erratic sleep patterns!

Alkalizing and Anti inflammatory

With its alkalizing and Anti-inflammatory properties is just one of the many ways pumpkin seeds contribute to improving physiological functioning of the body. The green seeds have chlorophyll which helps neutralize the effects acidic food has on your blood stream and also take care of inflammation.

PS - Pumpkin seeds or any other seeds for that matter are at their highest nutritional content when eaten raw, but if you want to make them a tad bit tastier than they already lightly toast them with a pinch of castor sugar mixed with your favourite spice - nutmeg, cinnamon or paprika work brilliantly.

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