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Fasting this Navaratri? Here’s why it’s good for you!

Keeping a fast is a great way to seek blessings from god, but did you know that it can benefit you in more ways than that. Right from accelerating the anti-ageing mechanism to making the brain sharper – here are 7 reason why fasting is a great idea, whether you do it for religious reasons or otherwise!

Saves energy… really!

It is true that food gives us energy to perform our bodily functions, but it also uses up a large part of it to assimilate and digest the same food. When you are on a fast all that saved up energy gets utilized in doing a number of other things that your body benefits from - like repairing damaged cells and building immunity.

Doubles weight loss

Weight loss works as a major motivator for most of us to fast. Eating limited ingredients and controlled meals obviously helps shed a few pounds, but the fact that the body’s rate of metabolic activity increases during a fast, aids weight loss even more. One bird two stones!


A fast is really a detox from the usual liberties we take on our bodies. It helps flush out toxins from the entire system right from skin pores to the digestive tract, leaving your body healthy and light, the way it was intended to be. All that energy saved up from not processing food is put to great use.

Defeat Diabetes

One of the best benefits of fasting is that it increases the insulin sensitivity which causes the blood sugar levels in the body to reduce and in turn keep away type 2 diabetes. A study also says that fasting helps against kidney damage one of the most common repercussions of diabetes.

Heart health

Regular moderated fasts can help reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and harmful triglycerides in the body and help your heart function better. Moreover the fact that it controls insulin and diabetes (which are directly linked to heart health) is enough to make your heart a happy healthy place.

It’s good for the brain  

When you fast protein in the body is used to improve brain and neuron processing instead of breaking down food and fat. This helps boost memory, mood and also the effects of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Anti-aging Effects

Fasting can affect the way the growth and aging hormones of the body react. Lack of food causes increases the functionality of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which in turn aids anti-ageing processes like skin repair and reducing wrinkles.

If this isn’t enough motivation to go on that occasional fast, we don’t know what is!




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