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Foodies, you’re in for some punny jokes!

A wise person once said, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and we would totally Hi5 them on this because yes, it’s 100% true! If you like lame jokes and are not embarrassed to tell them out loud, you're gonna love this read! It's International Joke day! Yes, there is an entire day dedicated especially to jokes and putting a smile on your face. We all love a good laugh once in a while and today you’ve more reason to do it so do yourself a favour and LOL, people!

Food is happiness and happiness is food so we’re going to make you ultra-happy with our list of some superb food jokes and puns. We have chosen the perfect day to let out that entire list of jokes that will spark a guffaw for sure. So, let's look at some hilarious food jokes on this special day!

1. What’s a veggie that can spin and dance?

  • Spin-nach!

2. Do you know why eggs don’t tell jokes to each other?

  • Because they might end up cracking each other up!

3. Do you know why people don’t tell any secrets to peanut butter?

  • Cuz’ it might spread!

4. What’s one similarity between garlic and lollipop?

  • Lick!

5. What does an old and experienced bean say to other new beans?

  • Bean there, done that!

6. What is dill’s best quality?

  • It’s very dill-igent!

7. What do you say to a sad clove?

  • Why the ‘laung’ face?!

8. What do you say to compliment a couple?

  • You two make a good pear!

9. What do you call a group of fruits playing musical instruments?

  • A jam session!

10. What do you look for in a partner? Acchai or Acchi chai?

  • Chai lovers: Duh, Acchi Chai!

11. What is a dessert lovers’ favourite movie?

  • Barfi

12. A cake that needs to drink complan?

  • Shortcake!

13. How do you hug a lemon?

  • Just squeeze it!

14. Mom gave us milk and my brother threw it away.

  • Mom said, ‘How dairy?’

15. What do you call a chicken’s mother?

  • Chicken Kee-ma!

16. What is one dessert only the rich can eat?

  • Fortune cookies!

17. What do you say to someone who has lost something?

  • Don’t worry, it will turnip!

18. How do you compliment a banana?

  • Call it a-peeling!

19. Why did the salad call the tomato mannerless?

  • Cuz’ it saw the salad dressing!

20. Which fruit is the most dangerous out of all?

  • Dragon fruit

21. Why was mushroom the life of the party?

  • Because he was the fun-gi!



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