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All About Vegetarianism!

Every year, we celebrate ‘World Vegetarian Day’ on October 1st to promote vegetarianism all around the world and how our planet can benefit from it, in more ways than one. There are no two thoughts about vegetarianism being one of the most preferred lifestyles in India. In our country, being a vegetarian can be related to its tradition, culture, religion and even region! Yes, Palitana is the world’s first fully vegetarian city which is located in Gujarat. Don’t we all crave a desi shakahari meal once in a while? One thing to be noted about a vegetarian diet is that if it’s a well-planned one, it can benefit you extraordinarily. Though people say that vegetarian food lacks protein and many other vital minerals, you should know that there are so many options to choose from, fresh fruits and vegetables, millets, grains, lentils, nuts, dairy products, etc. that provide you not only with the right amount of proteins, calcium and vitamins but also other nutrients and plays a pivotal role in balancing your diet. There’s one thing which people are always stressed about, which is, how to switch from a non-vegetarian diet to a vegetarian one? Let us help you today!

If you’re planning to make a switch to go purely vegetarian from a meat-based diet, there are some important things to keep in mind! 

  • Don’t rush! Start with just one or two days in a week, where you strictly follow an all-day vegetarian diet. Do not start with a monthly plan or so because you must give yourself the time needed for your body to adapt to changes if you have been a non-vegetarian all your life,

  • Meat substitutes are the saviours: Things like tofu, soya, sweet potatoes, jackfruit, mushrooms, eggplants, etc are there to save you from your cravings when you suddenly change your diet. But, at first, you won’t even like it so much but if you’ve made a decision then try and stick to it.

  • A balanced diet is key: You should be careful about what you eat and how much you eat. Though the veg diet has an ample amount of goodness it has been spread in a lot of ingredients. Choose your food wisely and be mindful about your daily nutrient intake so that you have no deficiency of essential nutrients. Make sure to include loads of fruits, vegetables, lentils and grains in your diet. 

  • Creative, Innovation and Adaptation: You have to observe and understand what you like. Try a new dish every day and experiment with it. If my daily meals get boring sometimes, add a handful of nuts and seeds to sabzis or dals to make it a little crunchy and exciting. Do not make your diet monotonous that would push you to break your diet. 

  • Consistency is vital: It’s okay if you go out of the track for once, do not lose hope or punish yourself. Take it easy and slow and do not be hard on yourself. Remember why you started and this is a lifestyle, not a diet plan. Move on and continue with your goal. You must enjoy your process. 

There is no one universal rule that works for each and every individual when it comes to health. We all have different bodies and the needs of our bodies also vary from one another. Be it any kind of diet, the only goal it should lead to is in the contribution of our overall well-being. Following a lifestyle should be a choice and not a punishment and it completely depends on oneself. Vegetarian, vegan or non-vegetarians, there’s no right or wrong way of living your life. Just make sure to check what suits your body and how you can benefit it in more ways. Make sure to get proper sleep along with following a healthy diet and an exercise routine.Eat what you enjoy but always keep an eye out for moderation. Less is more! 


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