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Right from smoothies that sharpen your mind to bakes that boost your memory these brilliant recipes are full of ingredients that give your brain a workout and you that extra edge to tackle exam fever.

Take a look at these 8 recipes that your brain loves and your taste buds won’t get enough off.

Fish ‘n nuts
Fish are a known source of omega 3 fatty acids which regulate neurotransmitters responsible for focus and antioxidant rich walnuts (which accidently look so much like a brain) help boost memory and improve brain function in general.
In this recipe crumbed fish tacos sit pretty on a salad bed cradled in a crisp taco shell, finished off with a delicious walnut coriander pesto and a hint of mayo. It does so much more than just being a tasty snack.

Kale ke liye
This brilliant dark green leaf has hit the food world by storm and we mean this in a very good way. The pigments and amino acids found in kale keep the brain active and in a happy frame of mind, because it causes the release of positive hormones in the body.
The density of kale leaves gives you the perfect crisp chip which is a far cry better than the unhealthy starchy ones we are used to. Munching on these while studying will only have you feeling good about upcoming exams.

Energy eggs
Vitamin b12 along with the other bounty of nutrients found in eggs, provide the body with plenty of energy, help reduce fatigue. It contains a pigment called choline which is known to improve memory.
Several researchers have found that eating an eggy breakfast keeps you active, energetic and helps improve your cognitive performance throughout the day. With the addition of potatoes and iron rich spinach this one is tasty nutritive and wholesome all in one.

Bean there, done that
These beans really work like magic when it comes to improving working of the brain. Right from increased concentration to ability to recall information, white beans and for that matter most legumes positively affect your exam preparation in several ways.
Cooked to perfection with a rich tomato concasse and flavourful stock – this wholesome soup is a one pot meal in itself, but you could throw in a few whole wheat crackers or some toasted bread for that extra oomph!

The smooth exam smoothie
Oats are one of the healthiest forms of carbohydrates and will fill you up without making you feel drowsy and sleepy like most carbs do. They also contain a pigment known as choline that improves brain function.
Apples on the other hand aren’t just tasty foods that keep the doctor away but also keep you calm and take care of anxiety. Sip on this smoothie during revision time and keep the frayed nerves at bay. Add in a bunch of nuts for a bit of crunch and added brain boosters!

Dalia O
Dalia or broken wheat is rich in proteins and fibre while being low in fat. Cooked along with a bunch of healthy vegetables, it takes care of hunger pangs and because it processes slowly in the body, keeps’ you feeling full for long.
A really tasty way to avoid those unwanted snack breaks, high carb munchies and stress eating which often results in what we know as ‘exam weight’.

Salam to salmon
These salmon fish kebabs are something your kids will totally gorge on and is one of the best things you can give them to improving brain function. It provides the body with necessary omega 3’s, which helps combat memory loss, improve concentration and stay alert.
These chunky salmon fillets are marinated in some lovely oriental sauces, pan fried and finished off with a good sprinkling protein, iron and fibre rich toasted white sesame seeds. You don’t need those smelly fish oil supplements.

Dahi – shakkar in style
Berries are great to tackle problems related with memory loss because of the anti-oxidants in them which help rebuild memory pathways within the brain. Yogurt which is a great source of vitamin b12 provides you with all the energy you need to prepare for your finals.
Throw in a sprinkling of flaxseeds or almonds for added crunch and nutrition. Take note of this recipe in particular because beside fabulous taste and abundant nutrition also takes care of the ritual of eating dahi-shakkar right before your exam!

Check out more yummy recipes with these lovely brain boosting ingredients and more only on SanjeevKapoor.com

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