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5 brilliant Christmas menus – planned for you.

A whole roast is really the star in a Christmas dinner and so we share with you five ways in which you can roast that bird along and serve it along with stunning sides and delicious desserts. 5 complete festive Christmas menus fit to feed a king - literally 5 ways to ensure a happy Christmas – planned by us for you.
Menu 1
The most perfect Christmas meal anyone could wish for – complete with a flavourful roast chicken, mashed potatoes with a twist and a glass of fruity spiced wine.

  • Roast ChickenIf there is a recipe that is custom made for Christmas, it has got to be this one. A whole chicken marinated with parsley butter, placed over orange slices, drizzled with red wine and bacon rashers and baked till done to perfection. Succulent juicy chicken and crispy bacon rashers are a definite win!
  • Mashed Potatoes with Beetroot wafers The pale creamy mashed potatoes and contrasting crisp bright red beetroot wafers really make the Christmas theme come alive on your dining table. Moreover it doesn’t seem right to not have mashed potatoes along with a roast.
  • Mulled WineIf wine is one of the more important courses of your Christmas menu, why not take that a notch higher too. Try making this traditional spiced Christmas drink. Red wine infused with the flavour of apples, citrus peels and spices, served warm on a cold winter night – this Christmas sangria really packs a punch.

Menu 2  
This menu consists of tangy lemon roasted chicken and grilled veggies along with some crisp garlicy herb bread and a classic christmas pudding.

  • Oven Roasted Garlic Bread - Earthy multigrain bread slices slathered with garlicky basil butter and crisped up in the oven till the divine smell makes you bring it out and wolf it down in a jiffy. This is a perfect side for any dish and will also satisfy you while you wait for the main Christmas meal to cook and great to scoop up juices from the roast.
  • Lemon Roast Chicken with Grilled Vegetables Chicken with the citrusy hint of lemon in each bite baked with peppers, onion and garlic served on a bed of grilled veggies sounds and tastes as glamorous as it is simple to make. This recipe is so good you should completely forget about savoring any leftovers the next day!
  • Christmas Pudding This one goes the whole mile – a classic Christmas pudding loaded with goodness from dried fruits, nuts, spices and plenty of alcohol in the form of rum and sherry! It will make you eat dessert first.

Menu 3
Wrapping the chicken in lotus leaf ensures a succulent moist and well done piece of meat once it is out of the oven. With the fragrant rice and bitter orange cake your taste buds will be jumping in joy by the end of it all.

  • Lotus Wrapped Chicken Whole chicken stuffed with a flavorful mix of hard boiled eggs, breadcrumbs and spices completely sealed in a lotus leaf, bake in an oven or boil in a large stockpot – take your pick! This deliciousness is topped with a dark soy, chilli and honey glaze. Need we say more?
  • Thai Fragrant RiceThis goes perfectly well with the oriental flavoured juices from the roast. Brown rice tossed with lemongrass, garlic and fiery birds eye chillies – this simple dish can stand out even amidst culinary colossuses.
  • Bitter Orange Chocolate Cake This cake is so easy to make it gives you plenty of time to focus your attention on the rest of the meal. Intense flavours of the dark chocolate are instantly lifted up with the freshness of citrusy orange.

Menu 4
All the way from the orient a Thai style roasted chicken complete with rice noodles that are full of texture and taste. Sticky date pancakes and bacon breadsticks are a brilliant Christmassy addition to this flavourful roast.

  • Thai Style Roast Chicken with Honey Peanut NoodlesThe Thai inspired flavours of the marinade really comes as a pleasant surprise in this air fried ‘roast’ chicken recipe. Served on a bed of silky flat honey peanut noodles you get a complete meal in this one dish – with absolutely no need for any fancy sides.
  • Bacon Wrapped Bread Sticks Perfect party food – maximum taste, minimum effort, fancy looking and most importantly bacon is the hero in this dish. Crisp bread sticks, smoky bacon and a light sprinkling of some parmesan cheese to get into the festive mood.
  • Sticky Date Pancakes - There are few things better than a fluffy pancake drizzled with golden maple syrup on Christmas. This time glam up the traditional breakfast staple and turn it into a dessert- try out this pancake which is made by blending dates in the pancake batter and served with a toffee sauce and caramelized banana slices tossed in butter. An indication of the culinary feast that lies ahead in the day.

Menu 5
This menu screams Christmas more than anything else. Classic roasted Chicken, spiced potato wedges and a dessert that matches the festival colours of red and white with panache.
Classic Roast ChickenChicken stuffed with rice and aromatics like onions, leeks, garlic and celery roasted till the skin is crispy, the chicken inside is tender and the veggies on the side are beautifully roasted. The butter basting sauce just completes it perfectly.
Paprika and Parmesan Roasted Potato Wedges This recipe is the secret to having a bunch of happy people around your dinner table at Christmas. Crisp on the outside, soft and mushy inside - chunks of perfectly roasted potato wedges seasoned with a mix of smoky paprika and parmesan.
White Chocolate mousse with stewed strawberry Dreaming of a White Christmas are you? Flavours of this white chocolate mousse topped with stewed strawberries will make you feel like santas favourite child.

Menu 6
Not really a menu but our favourite alternatives for those who don’t want to cook a full bird this holiday. It’s meaty, robust and fun enough to stay in tune with the festivities. Take your pick.

  • Mixed Grill SizzlerThe sounds and the smells that arise when your sizzler plate hits the table is enough to gather a small mob. Lamb chops, grilled chicken breast and sausages served with grilled potatoes, pumpkins and cabbage drizzled with butter, herbs and spices, served with a fried egg sitting pretty on top. Perfect meal for a family gathering because there is something for everyone on that laden sizzler plate!
  • Braised Lamb with Spinach and Leeks Chunks of lamb marinated in a fresh flavorful marinade pan seared and braised in its own juices till it is tender and succulent. Served on a bed of sautéed spinach, leeks and roasted potatoes this dish is a brilliant combination of flavours and textures.
  • Grilled Prawns in Vodka Sauce Christmas is all about being in good spirits and it hard to be unhappy when you have these delicious vodka infused giant prawns in front of you. If you want to stick to just drinking your alcohol, try this recipe of chicken wrapped prawns.
  • Grilled Fish with Coriander Butter Flavoured butter is what really makes this recipe special. The simple marinade and coriander flavoured delicate butter really helps in bringing out the best of the grilled fish. The very basic prep and cooking will keep you free to enjoy Christmas the way it was meant to be – with friends and family.
  • Soya Bean Pie Here is a great option for all those vegetarians out these. This flavorful soya mince enclosed in crunchy pie base will make even the hardcore carnivores weak in the knees. Serve along with some herb tossed rice or a quick potato salad for a complete meal. Alternatively try this gooey yummy spinach and cheese pie.

Here is wishing everyone plenty of food, fun and positivity this holiday season.
Merry Christmas!


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