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Feb 28, 2013

The magic of rasoi

The forthcoming season of MasterChef Kitchen ke Superstars promises to bring back the charm of home-cooked food. Ektaa Malik reports.

The mood was very festive. The men were being welcomed by draping traditional safas and the women received the scarves. No this was not any big fat Indian wedding. This was the exclusive premiere of MasterChef Kitchen ke Superstars, that will air on Star Plus from March 11.

The venue for the launch was the Yellow Chilliez restaurant, owned by chef and first time judge on the show — Sanjeev Kapoor. This season has the most formidable line up of judges — chef Kunal Kapoor and Vikas Khanna have already earned high ratings on the popularity charts. Said Sanjeev Kapoor on the premiere, “After seeing the kind of passion and involvements that the people have with food — I feel I have been sleeping till today. Now I have woken up. This is the first time that I have done something like this and I am so amazed to be a part of this.”

The thrust of this season is to highlight the achievements of people who are rock stars in the kitchen. For them the kitchen is their stage. “In our country while food is given the prime focus — no celebration, meeting is possible without food, but the khaana bananewala has not got the due recognition and respect. Chef was considered to be an equivalent of halwai. We hand over a huge list of dishes to our mothers — yeh khaana hai, woh khaana hai, but we never praise them. We think yeh toh unka kaam hai, so with this season we are giving those people their due,” said chef Kunal.

The forthcoming season will now be aired on the week days, instead of the weekend slot. Also it promises to have the theatrical and dramatic effects — it has a dose of Bhangra, courtesy the Delhi auditions. But the human stories are the ones that will keep you hooked. “This season charts the journey from the restaurant to the rasoi. Everyone thinks that it’s the restaurants where food evolves — but all the history and traditions can only be found in rasoi. Hence the special devotion to home cooked food this season,” concluded chef Vikas.

Source: The Pioneer
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