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Sura Vie (pronounced “Soo-ra vee”) is the new casual eclectic lounge that showcases contemporary Indian music live. The name Sura Vie is inspired by the words for music (sur), an alcoholic bevarge from 4 B.C. India (sura) and Life (vie french). Located in the heart of Delhi at Connaught Place, Sura Vie boasts of an independent DJ booth and a live performance stage with performances that include some of the most exciting names in the Indian contemporary music scene.

This exquisitely designed space has an exterior that has retained and enhanced the original look of iconic Connaught Place architecture with interiors that blend a soft industrial and casual eclectic look. The lounge which can seat over 160 people also has terraces for private parties.


Open seven days a week, Sura Vie has a menu hand crafted by Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor that showcases the best of international cuisine and fusion food. The menu has been designed with multiple influences with dishes that are authentic or a fusion of cuisines.


The Bar boasts a selection of the best international and premium spirits, beers and wines. A cocktail list that showcases some of the best classical and contemporary favourites of all time.

Event Calendar:

The weekly event calendar features Karaoke night on Mondays to bring out the rock star in you, ladies night on Wednesdays, retro night on Fridays for those who like to start the weekend with some nostalgic grooves. Saturday night is high energy dance music followed by a delectable Sunday brunch to ease you back into the week. The big event each week is Thursday night live which showcases some of the most exciting bands on the Indian music scene.