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The khana khazana culture

Sanjeev Kapoor

Khana Khazana which started in 1995 as a small dream is anything but small now. We have grown leaps and bounds since and continue to do so! Headed by Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, the management at Khana Khazana sets the perfect example of leading with vision, determination, creativity and fairness, all blanketed with magnanimity in every action. Sanjeev Kapoor follows and nurtures a few core values that percolate down to all levels of the organization. As a result of this chain reaction every employee at Khana khazana is motivated to work as a team, multi task, be empathetic towards internal and external customers and to innovate!

Each day at Khana Khazana presents new challenges and this is what is so endearing about KK. Work comes first and nothing stops us from doing quality work, be it sun, rain or storm! Most of our employees have worked with us for long tenures, because that is the kind of job satisfaction we provide! Anyone who is employed with Khana Khazana should feel extremely privileged and special, because we believe that an organization can grow only with the contribution and growth of each member.

The unique thing about our work culture is we offer lateral opportunities to our employees of moving into various business verticals where they can demonstrate their strengths and test their multi-tasking ability. This flexible system creates for a win-win situation for both employer and employee. Over and above, each employee at our office gets a chance to interact with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor on a one on one basis, which definitely adds an extra spark to all aspects of work and beyond!

Our team is a mix of dynamic individuals that all contribute differently, but significantly and continue to pump in creative ideas into the system and make it better each time. We welcome people with ability and attitude, and this takes precedence over experience, because we feel that is what really counts to keep the ball rolling. Apart from work, there is no end to the learning and fun in our organization like various technical and behavioral trainings conducted by internal and external experts, team games, quizzes, competitions, festival celebrations, sporting events like cricket matches, outings, movies and a vivacious bunch of foodies getting together at the lunch table everyday etc.  If great work and all these perks are not enough, being around great food all the time sure is!

As we continue to grow, we are always looking out for those who are willing to display the same commitment, passion, ownership and winning attitude!