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An authority on food, Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor with an experience of 30+ years, has become a virtual encyclopedia on food, and especially the Indian food. Add to it, teaching it through the medium of television, books, digital platform and live shows has made him into a personality unparallel in this arena.

A Chef who can cook and talk, a Chef who can walk the talk – Sanjeev understands his audience and raises the bar as per the demand of the situation. He can enthrall the audience and capture their attention with his in-depth knowledge of the subject, smart and witty repartee. He can also act as a mentor to budding professionals – be it from the food field or even management graduates at any premium IIM institute. And what makes him stand out in the crowd is his knowledge on many other subjects under the sun and he is updated on the latest gizmos and technology. Finally, though he is a favourite amongst women. Yet he is immensely popular amongst kids, men and in each age category.

So, if you are thinking to invite him as a Speaker, he is just a click away: