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Steamed food

Why opt for cooking methods that use plenty of oil and are unhealthy, when steamed food can taste so

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Go Green

Struggling to have a flat belly? Thinking to increase the veggie quotient in your diet? With recipes

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Dals and Kadhis of Gujarat

A treasure of vegetarian recipes, Gujarati food is incomplete with the variety of dals and kadhis. W

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Chaat Special

Don’t we all love to dig into a spicy, tangy and sweet combination that chaats usually offer? With r

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Super Sand wiches

Ever thought of putting corn cakes or fruits on a sandwich? Well, sandwiches need not be a boring af

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Kabuli Chana Special

Menu: Research shows that people who eat hummus regularly remain fit! Such is the magic of chickpeas

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Crunchy Bruschetta

Menu- Garlic rubbed on grilled bread, topped with tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper powder, is wh

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