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I know what you had for dinner

Don’t we all love it when we are welcomed home with the aroma of biryani or a delicious chocolate ca

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Is your kitchen clean enough

Kitchen, as we all know, is the heart of any house. It is essential to keep this space absolutely sp

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Taking care of non stick pans

Never use a stainless steel spoon while cooking in non-stick pans. Plastic and wooden spoons...

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Dealing with fire

When you are working in the kitchen it is very important to take the precautions as far as kitchen..

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Handling of small equipment

Do not apply too much pressure while handling these equipments as they can break easily....

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How to use an oven effectively

These days ovens come in many shapes and sizes. Here we will focus only on convection ovens...

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Why do we need to refresh vegetables after blanchi

Cooking vegetables quickly in boiling water to bring out both their flavour and bright colours is...

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