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Quiz No: 85
Quiz Title: World Food Quiz 24/08/2015
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Q1.Thali is a favourite dish of India. In which way is it served?

Q2.Underneath the cap of many common mushrooms there is a delicate dark tissue like substance. What is that substance called?

Q3.To make a florentine dish you will definintly require

Q4.Which of the following is a famous Gujarati snack?

Q5.Mirch ka Salan is from which cuisine

Q6.It is added swaad anusaar to most dishes

Q7.Lima and Fava are types of?

Q8.Which of the following is not an egg preparation?

Q9.The mixture of egg yolks and cream that is used to enrich and slightly thicken sauces and soups is called

Q10.Scotch Bonnet is a type of?