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Quiz No: 99
Quiz Title: World Food Quiz 23/11/2015
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Q1.Which is the best form of parsley to be used for tabbouleh?

Q2.Which of the following is not an Indian herb?

Q3.Cider vinegar is obtained from which fruit?

Q4.What will you call a bowl-shaped container with holes that is used to drain rice or pasta?

Q5.Akki roti is from which state of India?

Q6.A popular Maharashtrian pancake made of multigrain flour is called _____.

Q7.Which of these is a mouth-watering sour fish curry preparation from Assam?

Q8.Kalaadi cheese is a cheese from which state of India?

Q9.Akuri is a Parsi preparation made of what?

Q10.Habanero is a variety of which vegetable?

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