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Dals of India

12 Recipes For “Dals-of-India”

Dals of India

Char Dal Ni Khichdi

Four types of dals and rice cooked together with simple masalas.

Dals of India

Dal Phirni

Phirni made of moong dal.

Dals of India

Dal Lucknowi

Dal delicatedly spiced and enriched with milk.

Dals of India

Sindhi Dal

Flavourful chana dal generally served with pakwan - a popular sindhi breakfast item

Dals of India

Dal Gosht

Mutton cooked with dals.

Dals of India

Dal Shorba

Split green gram cooked with spices to make a delicious creamy soup.

Dals of India

Lauki Chana Dal

A healthy treat for all – Bengal gram cooked with bottle gourd.

Dals of India

Ma Choliyan Di Dal

Urad and chana dal cooked with mother’s love!

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