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Noodles are no longer ‘Chinese food’! The easy availability of noodles in the market has opened new vistas for the enterprising cook. Kids love them and that is a cliché…and adults? The secret of healthy noodle lies in cooking them in a healthy manner: with less oil and more vegetables. 

Noodles are fairly easy to cook once the vegetables are prepared. The Chinese style of stir frying in the wok or the slightly soft chow mein, noodles are a delight for the kids due to the novelty of their looks and texture. The ready to eat packaged varieties cannot match the taste of a dish that is made from scratch. Be it a snack, or a mini meal, or the main course, noodles have entered the home menus big time - wonderful, simple and nutritious staples now well loved the world over. 

Types of noodles

Egg noodles - These need to be cooked in boiling water before use. Can be thin or thick, flat or round.

Ramen noodles - Very thin, made with egg and wheat flour. Once prepared, best kept under refrigeration till needed.

Dried rice vermicelli - Translucent and thin, these are white in colour and best soaked in hot boiling water before use. They are slippery to eat but absorb all flavours very well.

Udon Noodles - These have a Japanese origin. They vary in thickness and shape.

Soba Noodles - Made from buckwheat or wheat flour, these noodles are a speciality of north Japan. Can be eaten hot or cold. 

Recommended Recipes

Lime Noodles with Basil - How to make Lime Noodles with Basil

Lime Noodles with Basil

This recipe is from FoodFood TV channel & has featured on Sanjeev Kapoor Kitchen.

Rice noodles cooked with vegetables, lemon juice and basil.

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