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Festive season is in full swing, foodies need not get disheartened and throw out their diet chart. So big question to ask is how do we cut down on calories and go the low calorie way?

Answer to that is simple, smart and sensible eating is the way to go. Here are some tricks that will help you achieve the goal faster.You will find a deluge of sugarless sweets and low calorie savouries on the shelves now. It is easy to get tempted and buy a lot of them with the thought that consuming them may not mean a lot of calories. But beware; drop by drop does an ocean get filled! Too much of ‘low-calorie’ can also add up to too many extra calories. Secondly, there is always a trace of doubt as to what the commericalised ‘low calorie’ can mean!

Festivities mean a round of lunches, dinners and parties with a lot of snacky fried food and desserts. It is not always possible for the hostess or host to provide an absolutely ‘healthy’ menu to the guests: some people expect traditional fried foods too! But here I can suggest that you avoid whatever you think does not fit into your daily meal plan. Go for those dishes that look low in fat.

It is not so difficult to provide low calorie foods during festivals. Switch to baking instead of frying. One can bake samosas, namakparas and karanjis. You can also rustle up a variety of low calories mini idlis and dhoklas. In sweets, sugar substitutes are the answer. Otherwise use natural sources like dates and anjeer to add sweetness. It is the trend now to gift fresh fruit baskets instead of dry fruit boxes as the former are lower in calories and lighter on the wallet too! 

Fun filled festivities with fewer calories!

Few pointers that will help you succeed in your low calorie endeavours:

  • Instead of counting calories, plan a diet around colour, variety and freshness.
  • Start slow and make changes in your eating habits over time.
  • Moderation is the key:Try not to think of certain foods as off limits for you but indulge in them in small portions.
  • How you eat is also important:Eat a full breakfast and have small meals throughout the day instead of having two heavy meals.
  • Avoid eating at night. Have an early dinner. And maybe a glass of milk just before retiring for the day.
  • Have plenty of colourful vegetables and fruits:They are low on calories and dense in useful nutrients.It is important to get vitamins from foods and not from pills.
  • Eat healthy carbohydrates and whole grains:Healthy carbohydrates are digested slowly therefore keep you feeling full for longer. They also keep your blood sugar and insulin levels stable.
  • Include healthy fats and avoid unhealthy fats:Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are good for healthy and therefore should be included in a healthy diet.
  • Drink ample of water.
  • During this festive season even while enjoying all the sweets, few sensible diet changes and switching to low calorie diet and regular exercise are enough to give you the health and weight advantage. Go for it! 

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