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Dealing with fire

When you are working in the kitchen it is very important to take the precautions as far as kitchen fire is concerned.

You can go through following points:

1. Do not leave the pans unattended. If you are leaving kitchen for some other work, make sure you switch off the gas range or reduce the flame.

2. Keep kitchen towels and absorbent papers away from gas range.

3. If the food in the pan catches fire, switch off the heat and immediately cover with a lid.

4. Do not keep the matchbox near the gas range.

5. If the oil in the pan is too hot, make sure you switch off the heat, allow it to cool and restart the cooking.

6. Keep the electrical appliances like a microwave/toaster/rice cooker away from water.

7. Always keep children out of the kitchen especially when the cooking is happening on all the hobs.

8. Keep the plastic handles of the pans away from fire.

9. Get your electric appliances checked on regular basis.

10. Be extra careful if you are wearing loose clothing.

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